Joe Lieberman and the Florida recount

Thank you, Joe Lieberman. You can't touch anything without it all turning to shit, can you? From the Jed Report:

From Recount, here's the unfolding of Joe Lieberman's capitulation to Bush lawyers on counting unpostmarked, undated, unsigned overseas ballots received after election day:

Overall, overseas ballots received after election day boosted Bush's total by 739 votes. (Gore actually lead Bush by 202 votes in the ballots cast and received on or before election day.) Of the 2,411 late ballots, 680 were later determined to have been illegally counted by The New York Times.


And in the context of the recount, it pretty much killed Gore's chances of winning. As Kevin Spacey says sarcastically at the end of the scene: "Thank you Joe Lieberman."

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