It's over, folks

The wise clammyc on Hilary's campaign ending gaffe:

This is her "Dean scream" moment. This is her "I voted against it before I voted for it" moment. This is, as chiefsjen says below, her "macaca" moment. She can’t recover from this - even if she actually gave the most heartfelt apology and retraction and clarification and innocent explanation that she has ever given.

This is the kind of moment that the corporate media has been waiting for in order to bury either hers or Obama’s campaign...[snip]

Obama will not focus on her. McCain will not focus on her. And the corporate media will not focus on her. And yes, Obama has started to focus on McCain at her expense, just as the corporate media has started to focus on the fact that she can’t win enough delegates to get the nomination. The difference now is that they don’t have to focus on her anymore and no one will think twice about it.

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