It's Bush-McCain vs. everybody else on the new G.I. Bill

From the Jed Report:

For some inexplicable reason, John McCain has chosen Memorial Day to defend his opposition to Jim Webb's new G.I. Bill -- opposition that he shares with George W. Bush and a handful of other right-wing Republicans.

The Bush-McCain argument against the new bill is hardly inspiring -- if G.I. benefits are expanded, they say, military reenlistment rates will plummet. The New York Times responds:


Webb's legislation passed with 75 votes. And last month, John Warner, the former Republican Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee joined in the criticism of McCain's argument:

“I think this argument that it’s going to hurt retention is very thin and tenuous, very thin and tenuous,” said the former chairman. “The flip side of that is, putting a big piece of cheese out there will induce more qualified people to join just to get this. It should be a tremendous incentive for recruitment.”

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