I can only repeat what I wrote before

A lot of us have been fed up with Hillary's tactics. For some of us it was a long time ago that our feelings changed from admiration to disappointment to outrage. For me it started when Hillary remained silent during the Terry Schiavo fiasco. That was the beginning of the end for me.

teacherken explains his moment and evidently he had more patience with her than I had -- gave her the benefit of the doubt for far longer -- as his outrage comes years after mine.

To some of us the real sadness is that there is little new at which to be shocked. In this diary I want to revisit in part what I wrote on March 8, which I originally entitled In Sorrow. That diary was posted two days after Clinton first made the reference to assassination, which she did on March 6 with Richard Stengel. I had not at the time I wrote that diary seen those remarks, but they were unnecessary: I reached the conclusion I did even not knowing them, and their existence only makes more clear how obvious the problems with Clinton were in early March, more than 10 weeks ago, 10 weeks which have seriously damaged the Democratic party's ability to come together in common cause.

I am quoting myself. That is dangerous. It will seem self-glorifying. That is not my intent. Rather, I hope to point out how clear the pattern has been, and for how long. I will not quote the entire piece - you have the link if you wish to inflict that upon yourself. I will only quote two snips, parts I think worth repeating now. And I will add some bolding to words on which I especially want to focus.

I have to live with my conscience. For months I have at times sought to put the best case on things that bothered others. No longer.

Let me be blunt. As I look at the campaign run by Hillary Clinton, not just the words and actions of her surrogates and employees, but her own words and actions, I have regrettably come to the conclusion that based on that campaign, and in light of that campaign her record as a Senator, that she is morally unfit to be President of the United States. Thus I cannot and will not support her, should she achieve the nomination of the Democratic party.

It did not have to come to this. Clinton could have run a very different campaign, even when she was behind. There were legitimate issues that could be raised, questions with which to challenge Obama. It is not merely the issues, it is the manner in which the challenges have been done. She - and her campaign - have chosen the path on which they now tread. There are consequences for each decision we make. There will be consequences for the one I make in this diary - I may lose friendships, and I will certainly not be offered any position in a Clinton campaign or administration. The possible loss of friendships will sadden me.

The consequences for Clinton may be far greater. I know I am not alone in coming to the decision about which I have written. Some have reached that point in the midst of great anger. I have not. My decision is the result of wrestling with many things, over several weeks.

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