How a Lone Blogger Brought Down the McCain-Hagee Alliance

Great story. Worth clicking over & reading. It's from Daily Kos' Troutfishing:

"On may 15, 2008 I posted a short video on Youtube of Pastor John Hagee, assembled with the free iMovie software that came with my three-year-old MacBook [view the video at the end of this article—ed.]. In just a few days Americans began to absorb the reality that Republican presidential candidate John McCain had sought and accepted an endorsement from a religious leader who'd asserted a divine mandate for the Holocaust and claimed that Jews themselves were responsible for the tragedy, cursed by God for the ancient Hebrew worship of idols. I hardly expected the product to go ”viral” and so to possibly alter the dynamics of an American presidential election.

What I inadvertently touched on with my 4-minute, no-budget video, was the growing divide in American culture, religion and politics that, according to some well-respected observers, threatens the viability of American Democracy. Beneath the most obvious and salacious details of the scandal lies a Christian subculture that, like a vast chunk of Antarctic ice, had years before begun to diverge from the mainstream mass of secular culture; some, like Hagee’s church, have even diverged significantly from classical American fundamentalism."

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