Even the Great Krugman Lies About Florida

We all wish Paul Krugman would stick to economics and leave the politics to the politicos.

From Frank Dwyer at the Huffington Post:

Dear Paul Krugman,


Why do you keep saying that the voters of Florida should have their votes counted because they voted "in good faith"? What does that mean? What are you trying -- Humpty-Dumpty style -- to make it mean? Most people in politics lie: what else does such a greedy, selfish, easily manipulated, and ill-informed country deserve? And who in the media doesn't lie? But not you! For you to keep saying that the voters of Florida voted "in good faith" is a lie, and I think you know it is a lie. Were those poor little paragons of democracy not informed that the Democratic Party, having warned them not to move their primary up, was not going to count their votes? Were they not told that all the candidates had agreed with that decision and, as a result, were not campaigning in the state? If they knew all that -- and they did -- then they did not vote "in good faith." Oh, maybe some of the really stupid ones, the ones who don't read newspapers or watch television news or have any news sources but Leno and Letterman, may have voted in more or less "good faith," I suppose, but I expect a good many of the smart ones may not have wasted their time? Of course your candidate doesn't have bragging rights to the smart ones, does she? She and her spinmeisters must instead make a virtue of her superior appeal to the uneducated. Hooray for the high school drop-outs! (Shades of the immortal Roman Hruska.)

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