Obama now leads among elected superdelegates

It amazing how many people ignore simple arithmetic.

From The Jed Report:

Barack Obama now leads Hillary Clinton among elected superdelegates -- congressmen, governors, and senators who hold their elite status at the Democratic National Convention by virtue of holding a major public office. Clinton still leads Obama among the mostly anonymous DNC members, the group of four hundred or so superdelegates who hold their position by virtue of being party officials.

  1. There are 3,253 pledged delegates. Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 1,419 to 1,250 in this category. Clinton needs to win two-thirds of the remaining 566 delegates to secure a majority.
  2. Of the 795 superdelegates, 301 are governors, senators, or congressmen. They support Obama, 105 to 97. (The rest are undecided.)
  3. 417 are DNC members or distinguished party leaders. They support Clinton, 153-119. (The rest are undecided.)

Just more evidence for what we already knew: Sen. Clinton is the candidate of insiders. Barack Obama is the candidate of the voters.

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