No doubt, no uncertainty -- and no fear: Barack Obama will be the nominee

From the very reassuring Jed Report:

I absolutely guarantee Barack Obama will be the nominee. Yesterday, I posted a chart showing why he was unbeatable.

The most realistic worst-case scenario from that chart would have Barack Obama merely winning 48% of the pledged delegates from here on out (he'll actually do better). In that scenario, he'd need just 29% of the uncommitted superdelegates to support him -- and he wins the nomination. There's no doubt that will happen. None. (Edit: I added the preceding paragraph and removed the chart, which you can find in my earlier post.)

Barack Obama's lead is insurmountable. He has a mortal lock on the nomination.

My favorite part:
Clinton's eventual defeat is going to be a watershed moment for the Democrat Party. It will be a final divorce from the politics of the Clintons. We're going through a messy separation right now, and to pretend that process doesn't matter would be just as dumb as pretending that Hillary Clinton might still be the nominee. So it's very important I think for us as Democrats to document the reasons for the rejection of Clinton -- her lies, her embrace of right-wing foreign policy, her adoption of race-baiting, her reactionary rhetoric and guilt-by-association sickness.
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