Video: New DNC Ad Hammers McCain On Iraq - "100"

This ad should run from now until the election.

Good for the DNC & good for Howard Dean for running it. We can't wait until Obama is officially the nominee. It's about time we start take this raving lunatic down.

He's gotten a free press ride for far too long.

From the Huffington Post:

Here's a first look at the Democratic Party's new ad hitting Sen. John McCain -- the first DNC spot to take on McCain over his support for the Iraq war.

The ad is part of a $500,000 buy on national cable networks. Take a look (video from the DNC):

"What John McCain doesn't understand is that the American people aren't fine with being in Iraq for 100 years in any capacity," said Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean. "The American people want a President who will responsibly end the war, not more of the same failed policy in Iraq that continues to cost $12 billion a month. They want a President who will invest that money here at home to create jobs and ensure our kids have health care. The more voters learn about John McCain, we're confident they will recognize that he is the wrong choice for America's future."

No wonder the RNC is pissing in their pants over it:
"This morning we saw yet another advertisement being announced by the Democrat National Committee which is not only illegal, but a complete distortion of Senator McCain's comments and record."
Illegal!? LOL.

Double the air time Howard!

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