Hillary Clinton is A Liar

This time she's lying about that $10 million raised after P.A. Just like she's been lying every step of the way when it comes to fund raising numbers.

When the numbers come out weeks from now for this period, no one is going to remember – and the media isn’t going to bother let alone be able to prove they didn't raise it– but that's what she's counting on.

This is all for the benefit of superdelegates and the gullible media who just yesterday spread her campaigns erroneous use of terminology that “she one by double digits” in P.A. (and many in the media hasn’t let go of that description).

And If this figure is even close to being real, how much was 1) loaned by the Clinton's themselves, 2) is for the general , 3) from big donors who are already over the limit but know the $$ returned later (after bookkeeping is corrected)?

They have been full of shit since day one on most issues, but especially on their fund raising numbers.

Remember the first quarter of the race in January 2007?

Obama announced his numbers and then Clinton came out with figures just above his, taking the spotlight off his incredible first quarter take.

Months later, when it didn't matter, the Clinton campaign "corrected" their figures DOWN and called it a "bookkeeping error". Turns out Obama beat THE CLINTON’S fund raising machine in the first quarter of the campaign. Had that been allowed to be the news for any length of time, she would have been on the ropes a lot sooner.

And finally, do you remember after March 5th she raised $5 Million that night (then it became 15 million in 15 days)? Yet she ended March in the red?

These are Clinton's. They are consummate LIARS.

I guess when you really only won by 9.2% in P.A. (NOT double digits for those of you hindered by third grade math) and only NET 9 extra delegates – yes, you read that correctly...just 9 – I guess you have to do something in order to bamboozle supers and the narcoleptic media into not saying it over.

Even though we have know this since she didn't win Texas and Ohio with the blowouts (20 -25 points) she needed for a real game changer.


Clinton claimed she raised about $20 million in March, and that "almost all" of that money was for the primaries. But as the April 20th FEC filings showed, the actual amount she raised in March available for the primary was more like $8 $12 million.

She lied then, She's lying now.

She didn't raise 10 Million in 24 hours.


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