Hillary Clinton could've stopped it - but she didn't

This entire campaign, Barack Obama has never piled on Hillary at a time when things weren't going her way. Just look at the recent episodes where she was caught outright lying: Sniper fire, Irish Peace Accords, African trips that never happened with Amb. Joe Wilson, Refugees in Macedonia, etc. The list goes on and on.

She on the other hand jump right to a microphone and piles on. In this case it was at the debate, but its all throughout the campaign.

You see, she can't win any other way. 2 + 2 = 4 no matter how she tried to change that and people get she can't win the nomination y the numbers. Period.

Her only minuscule chance of getting the nod is by destroying Obama. Thankfully, despite the outrage she provokes among his supporters, it backfire on her each and every time.=It will again. Don't be surprised if he actually pulls off a victory in PA.

From PsiFighter37:

A lot is being made of the absolutely despicable performance turned in during tonight's debate by Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos. One only needs to visit ABC's own discussion board to get a taste of what people thought of their performance. The fact that two people who purport to call themselves journalists spent the first half of a 2-hour debate conducting what was effectively a right-wing hit job on Barack Obama was bad enough.

But what's not being highlighted is the fact that there were plenty of opportunities for Hillary Clinton to put her foot down and tell Gibson and Stephanopoulos that enough was enough - and to focus on the issues instead.

But she didn't do that. In fact, she goaded the moderators on to continue their birdshitting. She didn't stand up for her fellow Democrat; she chose to embrace those right-wing talking points to use against him.

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