ABC did a bad job, but Clinton is the real culprit

Jed really gets to the heart of the ABC "debate" debacle:

A few brief thoughts on last night's debate:

  • It's true that ABC carried Clinton's water last night, and they deserve blame for having done so. But remember, it was Clinton's water they were carrying. The questions posed to Obama were all Clinton arguments in some form or another.
  • I thought Obama did just fine. Part of the reason may have been that I listened more than watched, and by the time that I was able listen/watch to the first part of the debate, I already knew what to expect.
  • One very important thing to note is that there were no disastrous moments for Obama. In a debate like this, Obama having done nothing memorable is a good thing.
  • Obama always does better in debates when sitting down. Fortunately, McCain will probably want to sit down in the general.
  • So many people were disgusted by the debate that it could actually help generate new enthusiasm for Obama's campaign and style of politics. So far this campaign season, things that we thought were going to be disasters weren't. Wright. Bitter-gate. Now the same could happen with his debate. Ask yourself: what do you remember from the debate? I think most Democrats will say they remember being angry at Clinton and angry at ABC. In that sense, the debate could have gone far worse.
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