The Obamathon (2.0) Begins

This guys is just 14 year old! He puts most bloggers to shame. He has been one of THE most prolific diarists on DKos. He's absolutely amazing. Give this kid some love, people.

Philly Inquirer:

"And in St. Paul, Minn., a blogger named Karl just became one of the Obama campaign's more prolific fund-raising bundlers, raising more than $42,000 in only a week from hundreds of friends and strangers over the Internet. Karl, mind you, is only 14 years old.

Those of us who care about the influence of big money on politics don't really need more laws. We need more Karls. "
From Populista over at Dailykos comes another Obama fundraising drive:

8 weeks ago today in a blog on DailyKos and many other sites I posted a proposal for a Obamathon fundraising drive to help Barack Obama win in the first Super Tuesday (February 5th). Since then 896 people have donated $48,771 dollars via that page and Obama has gone from a underdog to a clear front runner within reach of the nomination.

But there is still work to do to get there. Obama has to run two campaigns at once. He still has to win the Democratic nomination and also he has to run against Senator McCain. He is facing a two front battle. It is still a uphill fight but it can be won.

So I'm relaunching the Obamathon as the Obamathon 2.0 (real original name I know) and setting a new goal of $100,000 by April 22, the day of the next primary...

Donate to the Obamathon Netroots Fundraising Drive

Yes. We. Can.


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