It's Time to Give Hillary Clinton a Break

Rena is dead on funny with this sarcastic take on all the things Hillary has done to try and nail this thing down. In the end, the length of the list even shock Rena. Great read.

From RenaRF:

I think we need to give Hillary Clinton a break. After all - she's only trying to win here, right? I guess I can understand. She didn't get into this race to lose the nomination. She didn't serve as First Lady for eight years or stand by her man or run for the US Senate only to lose the biggest, most historic race of her life.

So I can see how she feels motivated to find a way to win and it casts some of her activities in a different light.

She really does believe that she would be the best President, that she is what the country needs at this time. It's unfortunate that actual voters haven't fallen into line. But there's still hope - it's still, theoretically, close enough. So she does what she has to do to win.

Despite what was then an air of inevitability, I'm sure she was protecting her presumptive "win" when she planted questions in the crowd. (h/t retriever)

It was also probably in the spirit of safeguarding the win that she dug into Barack Obama's secret Kindergarten files. (h/t lams712)

She had to distort Barack Obama's abortion record to try to confuse and mislead voters.

She needed to cry to stay alive in New Hampshire.


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