Hillary Clinton's Bosnia Story A Hit On YouTube!

Currently at 1,373,104 views.

Via The Huffington Post:

Remember last week when Barack Obama's race speech racked up millions of views on YouTube? Well, history is repeating itself this week for Hillary Clinton — though not for anything she'd want voters to see. YouTubed videos showing the debunking of her Bosnia claim have been viewed at least two million times over the past two days — at least — showing her claims of running across the tarmac to avoid gunfire to footage of her and her then-teenaged daughter, Chelsea, being greeted by a sweet little girl. The most-viewed of the videos, a pull of a CBS News segment that has currently clocked 1,373,104 views, is also the #1 most-viewed video today and # 4 this week (Obama's race speech is #5); other versions of the video have gotten 388,057, 31,555, 25,786, 4,190 and 2,149 views respectively (ironically, CBS' own video on their YouTube channel only has 4,205 views so far).

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