Chuck Todd: Media gave McCain pass over Iran/al-Qaeda gaffes

Can you imagine how Dems would have been attacked making the same "gaffe" over & over & over again? They'd be crucified.

Instead, McCain's gaffes are laughed out, downplayed and written of jokingly as a "senior moment" by his media lackeys. What's scary is it probably is a "senior moment" and that’s not something they should be laughing at.

It should terrify them.

From Crooks & Liars:
On Meet the Press this morning, NBC’s Chuck Todd got honest and told us what we already know, but what the media rarely likes to confess. McCain has a lot in the bank with the media and they will help him out of his problems. You’re all aware of McCain’s linking al-Qaeda to Iran all last week—which is not happening because of the Sunni/Shia difference. He had to get bailed out by his Lieberman posse and his FOX friend Britt Hume, but the real story given to us by Chuck Todd is that the media would have attacked either of the two Democratic nominees for days on end over the same gaffe.

Todd: He’s got enough of that in the bank, at least with the media, that he can get away with it. I mean, the irony to this is had either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama misspoke like that, it’d have been on a running loop, and it would become a, a big problem for a couple of days for them.

{snip} ...You could assume that Lieberman would then have been booked on teevee 24/7 —yelling into the cameras that they are incompetents on the very serious issue of foreign policy instead of whispering sweet answers in McCain’s ear to correct him. Get used to this treatment from the media. It’s sickening…

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