Barack Obama: A More Perfect Union

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This New York Jew knew in his bones that what Barack Obama was saying was more powerful than some of the right-wing pundits and Hillary Clinton supporters (on here) are obviously capable of giving him credit for.

I actually welled up several times during the speech. At a couple of points, I even had to stop what I was doing while he was speaking (folding laundry) and sit down because my knees wobbled.
That's not an exaggeration.

This is much more than just about Wright's words, which I also happen to think have some validity, (though could have been addressed much more eloquently as a religious leader), it was about a truth this country hasn't been willing to face head on, from any point along the color spectrum.

This speech will be looked back upon in a greater light than even JFK's religious speech. 50 years from now naysayers and racists who are alive and well all over the networks and blogs (conscious of it or otherwise) " and who still can only focus on Wright's words " will be forgotten.
Just like the anti-Catholics were after JFK's historical speech.

The media has a decision to make now: Do they continue limiting the discussion (and accusations of hate & anti-Americanism) to Rev. Wright"s fiery words, or do you open conversation to the bigger, more important historical truth of racial and economic injustices that are real, still alive and thriving in both the black and white communities?

I suspect the Pat Buchanan"s, Sean Hannity"s, Joe Scarborough"s and some of the Hillary blogger's of the media world (Taylor Marsh, etc.) will choose the former, but who of the media out there will be courageous enough to choose the later?

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