Republicans have become the credibility-free party

I don't think it's hit them yet. Unless we find out that Barack Obama is is really a Martian or Hillary Clinton is actually is a transsexual, no matter who they put up (and it looks like McCain) on the rethuglican side, the country is going to elect a Democratic as the next President of the United State. Period. It's now just a question of margins.

From Glenn Greenwald:

Substantial attention has been paid to the historic unpopularity of the Bush presidency, but relatively little attention has been paid to the accompanying collapse of the Republican Party's credibility. The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll reveals that Americans trust Democrats more than Republicans to handle every issue of any significance, including -- by a now fairly wide margin -- "the U.S. campaign against terrorism":

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From a purely political perspective, one would expect that Democrats would seek to highlight contrasts with such an unpopular and discredited party, not to emulate and capitulate to it. Republicans are distrusted across the board, and thus -- as the 2006 election demonstrated (in which Karl Rove made Terrorism-exploitation the campaign's centerpiece) -- the GOP's standard fear-mongering tactics and accusatory attacks are plainly impotent, even counter-productive.

Americans continue to turn against anything the Republicans touch. The most vivid example of that is public opinion on the Iraq War. Even with the press corps and Beltway elite insisting by consensus that the Glorious Surge has made everything so much better in Iraq -- we're finally winning! -- and even as we were endlessly told that the war was only unpopular because we were losing, Americans hate the Iraq War more than ever before. The poll asked:

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