Strike may cut returning 'Lost' season short

ABC just 'lost' me as a Lost viewer. They had since July when they started filming to complete 16 episodes and all they got done was 8? The whole point of the delay until Jan 08 was to get all of them done so the complete season wouldn't be interrupted.

They had 5 full months to film before the strike so they obviously didn't use it wisely. And if they didn't start in July 'because they thought they had more time' - the person who made that decision should be fired. They defeated the entire purpose of the delayed start.

From techgeeknews.com:

"Lost" will return next month after an absence of eight months, but fans of the TV drama may still feel deprived because of the Hollywood writers strike.

The series, like other dramas and comedies, faces the possibility of a season cut short by the strike, now in its sixth week. Eight episodes of "Lost" have been completed for the series' return Jan. 31 — half the number originally planned, ABC said Friday.

The network announced this year that the series would end in 2010 after three more years of 16 episodes each.

Most series air 22 episodes a season. ABC decided that fewer episodes of "Lost," aired without reruns interrupting the serial story, would please fans of the show about air crash survivors on a dangerous island.

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Fucking idiots.

I was really looking forward to Lost since I knew the strike killed everything else.

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