Shuster teaches Scarborough a little lesson on Bush's foreign policy

This was in response to Joe's claims that Bush’s foreign policy was "successful."

From Crooks & Liars:

Shuster: Joe, I like you a lot. but I cannot let you by with what you just said about “George Bush” and his foreign policy successes. Are you really saying that the President’s foreign policy in all these places has been a success that most Republicans think—it’s been a success? Because that’s not the polling that I’m seeing and that’s not what I’m hearing from Republicans in Iowa who say: “Look, we want somebody we can trust. We want somebody who is smart, but we also want somebody who is competent this time.
Joe, I don’t even know where to begin….If the US had taken care of business in Afghanistan along the Pakistan border, had taken care of al-Qaeda, had sent 150,000 troops there instead of to Iraq which had nothing to so with the al-Qaeda attacks on 9/11, then al-Qaeda and the Taliban, they wouldn’t have the influence, the destabilizing influence they have over Pakistan today…

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