Rudy will Chase "The Muslims"... 'Back Into Their Caves'

Well, it doesn't get any clearer than that I suppose. Unfortunately, there are people who will actually believe this non-sense because somehow Rudy showed a bit of leadership, accidental as it was, by walking through the carnage of 9/11 with a face mask.

Never mind the fact he was out there in the dust because his command center was destroyed. So, I guess we can call it an accidental photo op caused by Rudy's extreme and utter arrogance that he knew better than all the security agencies who after the 1993 world trade center attacks were saying "don't put the command center at the world trade center".

From Crooks & Liars:

Chairman of a New Hampshire veterans-for-Rudy group says Giuliani has a solution for the "rise of the Muslims"... "Get rid of them."

From the Guardian UK via TPM: (h/t SteveAudio):

Winning hearts and minds the world over…

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