Forget Lieberman, McCain's Wheeling Out Kissinger

Ah, yet another Rethug who wants to turn back the clock.

I guess we should all be grateful Johnny boy is stopping his backwards spiral in the 1970's (as opposed to the rest of the nutters who'd prefer to go back a century or two).

From The Nation:

Only the surreal strategists that manage what is left of John McCain's presidential campaign would divine to top an endorsement of their trailing candidate by Senator Joe "Nothing-But-Good-News-From-Iraq" Lieberman with one that will give thinking Americans -- and a frightened world -- greater cause for alarm.

So it is that, on the heels of the Connecticut Democrat-Independent's campaign swing on behalf of McCain, comes the news that the Arizona senator is making the circuit with an even more disturbing advocate for even more disturbing foreign policies: Henry Kissinger.

The former Secretary of State, whose name is synonymous in the civilized world with the term "war criminal" -- and whose sleazy business deals to advance the interests of the world's cruelest dictators has diminished what is left of his reputation -- has added the dubious distinction of his support to the McCain campaign.

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