Edwards To Press: Wake Up, We're Running A National Campaign

This is cool. Perfect timing too. It's funny watching the media try to pretend Edwards doesn't exist. Fear of change is a mighty thing..

From TPM Election Central:

Attacks on the traditional press have become a key political weapon in the arsenal of mainstream Dem primary candidates, but this is taking things to a higher level.

We've just obtained an advance copy of a snarky, pointed memo that the Edwards camp will soon send out calling out the press for its general coverage of his campaign. While most such broadsides against the press from campaigns come in response to individual stories, this one is aggressively disputing a broader media meme: That Edwards, unlike Obama and Hillary, isn't really running a national campaign.

From the memo:

Dear Friends in the Press Corps,

We here at the Edwards Campaign urge you to not swallow the spin of our rivals. John Edwards is, in fact, running a national campaign. In addition to the well-reported strength of our operation in Iowa, we have less-well-reported, but just as strong operations in states all across the country. We have eight times the number of field staff in the state of New Hampshire than the Edwards campaign had in 2004; we recently added two dozen field staffers in Nevada; and we were the first candidate to run ads in South Carolina (the state John Edwards was born in and won by 15 points in 2004). Given our support throughout the labor community and advisors at work in all February 5th states, we will have the infrastructure in place to seize on momentum from strong early place finishes. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Introducing, Edwards By The Numbers...

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