Rice ‘Planted’ Question With Journalist To ‘Help Erase’ Pre-Iraq War Legacy

Rice is a pathological liar. I've never seen anyone who has been better able to look straight into a camera and say the sky is green and up is down with as a straight face as she displays, say perhaps Dick. But at least his smirk is his tell. She believes her own bullshit.

From Think Progress:

In an interview on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today, Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler, author of Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy, revealed that after President Bush promoted her to Secretary of State, Rice mounted a “public relations” campaign to distance herself from the pre-war fiasco.

As part of this PR campaign, she directed an aide to “plant a question” asking if she would run for President, in order to help “negate American memories of her very direct role” in invading Iraq:

She had a very deliberative public relations strategy when she became Secretary of State to help erase the images of how ineffective she had been as National Security Adviser. And I describe how one of her aides even planted a question with a friendly journalist to ask whether she would be interested in running for president — to give her the aura of someone who might have presidential aspirations, make her seem more powerful than she was.

And that all helped negate American memories over her very direct role in the invasion of Iraq.

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