On Fox News Sunday, Thompson Accuses Fox Of "Constant Mantra" Of Attacks

The unintended consequence of no heir to THEIR thrown: Mutiny.

Fix news can't possibly begin to learn how to hide their contempt for anyone, even from their own party, they that do no want in the white house. It isn't in their DNA. And this might just be what makes politicians finally accept that Fixed isn't really a news network, it a political arm of the rethuglican party... and that that has got to change. Rethugs are calling them out on it like Thompson did today and Romney did regarding the video clips along with McCain.

From The Huffington Post:

In a heated exchange this morning on Fox News Sunday, former Sen. Fred Thompson took host Chris Wallace to task for what he claims is a "constant mantra" of attacks on Thompson from Fox News.

Thompson reacted to two clips from Fox News contributors Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes sharply criticizing Thompson's candidacy.

Wallace defended his network's coverage. "I don't know if Fox has been going after you."

Thompson insisted -- "From day one, they said I got in too late --" but Wallace interrupted. "Well, there are a lot of people besides Fox who said that."

Watch the full exchange:

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Think Progress has more:
Fox News has been accused of having a bias in favor of presidential contender Rudy Giuliani, particularly in the wake of allegations by former book publisher Judith Regan, who claimed NewsCorp wanted to protect Giuliani’s presidential aspirations.

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