In Iowa, Clinton Is Pressed on Murdoch

Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by the telecoms & big media. (I say that as a Dem). It's why their so gung ho for her to be the nominee and are her biggest contributors. She is a corporatist. She isn't going to fix the system, she'll expand it.

This is a perfect example of speaking out of both sides of her mouth. The question is, which side does she mean more. My bet, she is more concerned that Murdock gets her going out of her way to generalize the problem instead of focusing it on him like the person asking the question did - and that's she'll be rewarded accordingly by him.

From The NY Times:

A woman in the audience rose to ask Mrs. Clinton about Mr. Murdoch’s ownership of multiple media outlets (Fox News, the New York Post, soon the Wall Street Journal, and various other organs), and also whether Americans would “lose out democracy” if one person is in control of the media.

And Mrs. Clinton played both sides in her answer, responding sympathetically to the woman’s concern about media consolidation, but also making clear that she wasn’t singling out “any company in particular” for condemnation.


“There have been a lot of media consolidations in the last several years, and it is quite troubling,” Mrs. Clinton began her reply. “The fact is, most people still get their news from television, from radio, even from newspapers. If they’re all owned by a very small group of people — and particularly if they all have a very similar point of view – it really stifles free speech.”

Mrs. Clinton pledged that as president, she would appoint commissioners to the Federal Communications Commission who supported “competition in the media,” and she hailed Theodore Roosevelt as a model for his trust-busting approach to monopolistic corporate impulse.

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