FOX Blows It... Big Time

FOX News blows coverage of Clinton campaign office hostage situation.

Here's Brave New Films' Exclusive:

As if being busted for being an entertainment channel masquerading as a news organization isn't humiliating enough. Now FOX has embarassed itself once again by breaking nearly every journalistic standard imaginable in covering the hostage situation at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, NH. And in doing so, they may just have put the public safety and law enforcement lives in jeopardy.

To kick-start the journalistic disaster, while the situation was just breaking sometime after 1PM EST, FOX's Major Garrett made this unbelievably biased statement.

Everything is frozen and after things unfreeze, sympathies arise and those sympathies will undoubtedly move in Hillary Clinton's direction.

How utterly predictible isn't it that one of FOX's GOP spokespersons tried to politicize a potentially life and death situation while it was unfolding on live television.
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