33 Ways Communism and Conservatism Are Similar

davefromqueens has an interesting comparison of Communism and Conservatism and how they are so similar:

"I've often defined economic conservatism as "communism through the corporation" (with a lot of help from big govt, corporate welfare, and unfair market rules) and use terms such as "socialism for the rich" and "bourgeoissie Marxism." The similarities between conservatives and communists on social images are obvious."
Here are some of dave's examples:

1. Anti-Environmentalism Radicalism. (Cons put the economic interests of the corporation first. Communists the economic interests of the govt bureaucracy first. The rest of us put the people first.)

2. Anti-Middle Class Tax policies (This is at the cornerstone of both philosophies. Sadly, conservatism is worse.)

3. Boy Scout/Pioneer type groups for children. Compare the right wing forces behind the Boy Scouts and the Communist programs of their Pioneers. They're mirror images of each other.

4. Bureaucrats Making Medical Decisions (HMO bureaucrats are basically the same thing as communist health care bureaucrats. The rest of us want doctors and patients making these decisions.)

5. Censorship

6. Civil Rights Opposition

7. Death Penalty Fanaticism - Granted there are many progressives, liberals, and moderates who support this but it is usually communists and conservatives who are most gung ho about the death penalty.

8. Excessive and Unwarranted Use of Military Force. War is profitable, peace is not. Both philosophies also tend to distrust people.

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