SHUSTER: Pro-War Rethugs afraid to go on MSNBC

Blithering cowards. From Talking Points Memo:

MSNBC's David Schuster shared some very interesting news with his viewers last night: He said that pro-war GOP Senators who are up for reelection have repeatedly refused to go on MSNBC and have directly turned down multiple invitations to appear on the network and discuss the war:

MSNBC: If you want to know what a real reporter looks like – someone who doesn’t let people bullshit the viewer and someone who actually knows how to play hardball, tell them to take a look at David Shuster.

He's the kind of journalist that you should be looking to hire (and emulate) instead of propping up the bought and paid for insiders like David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell and Tim Russert or worse, the sexist pig, Chris Matthews & his gossip whore lead in, Tucker Carlson.

Thank you David Shuster.

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