Salon.com's wire section had an interesting (and infuriating) article about Katie Couric called Katie Couric Unsure of Her Move to CBS.

In it there were two comments that made made just go, argh!

The first, which is toward the end of the short article was this:

"People are very unforgiving and very resistant to change," the 50-year-old Couric said. "The biggest mistake we made is we tried new things."

"I've gone through a bit of a feeding frenzy and there's blood in the water and I've got some vulnerabilities," she said. "This person who's been successful isn't so great, and finally she's been put in her place -- that kind of mentality. I think it's fairly primal."
No, that's not it Katie, dear.

The reason people didn't like what you did with this once venerable news show is because a) you dumbed it down and turned it into a morning show and b) took a hard right turn not just towards a Rethuglican viewpoint, but toward the insane 10% of the Rethuglican party that views Rush Limbaugh as some sort of prophet.

It wasn't because you tried new things. It's because the things you tried were beneath any legitimate news outlet. New is good, when used properly. You misused new things and now you're trying to blame it on the viewer.

That'll fix things for ya.

However, the part that made me really squirm and which completely highlights my point of you dumbing down CBS's longstanding hard news efforts was this gem:
Couric said she slapped news editor Jerry Cipriano on the arm for using the word "sputum" during a tuberculosis story last month.

"I got mad at him and said, `You can't do this to me. You have to tell me when you're going to use a word like that,'" Couric said. "I was aggravated, there's no question about that."

Sputum, which refers to expectorated matter especially from the air passages in diseases of the lungs, bronchi or upper respiratory tract, was banned from future broadcasts.
My emphasis.

What are you, 12?!

The word sputum for some reason, upset the delicacies of this news anchor and I can only say this: There really is something wrong with this person being put at the helm of a major, nightly news show.

Get a fucking grip.

And CBS, get a fucking professional. There were plenty of real news women who could have shined in this position, who could have added insight and depth to this all-male venue. Instead you went for perky and shallow. It failed. Next!

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