What the hell is going with NBC & MSNBC??

Yesterday I read the no other than Ann Coulter was going to be Chris Matthews’ guest on what MSNBC calls “super Tuesday” (it’s not even worth explaining), and they’re even asking you what you’d like to ask her at their site:

Ask Ann Coulter a question
Ann Coulter plays Hardball on Tuesday
Updated: 4:42 p.m. ET June 21, 2007

The always-controversial Ann Coulter will be joining us on the Hardball Plaza on Tuesday. We want you to hear from you beforehand and include some of your voices in the conversation. Send us your questions for Ann Coulter – write down your question and send it in, or get in front of a camera and upload your video question. If you'd like, include a picture of yourself and we may show it on Hardball if your question is selected.
Here’s the question I asked:
“When was the last time you were fucked? I mean, REALLY fucked hard? It seems that's what wrong with your demeanor and maybe Matt Sanchez could give you a discount”
Do you think they’ll use it?  LOL

Now, I don't watch Hardball anymore, but Chrissy's ratings a terrible and inking week by week, so he's pulling a FOX and going with the cheap, quick controversy.

I don't even watch MSNBC anymore, except for Keith. Too many flake hosts, pundits and blowhards for me.

Then the first thing I see this morning when I sign online 7 check out my favorite blogs is this headline by Joe Sudbay (DC) over at AmericaBlog:
NBC's Today Show features bigoted, homophobe Bill Donohue as authority on bigotry

“This is rich. This morning, the Today Show ran a piece on alleged anti-Catholic bigotry. The guest they used to defend Catholics from bigotry? Bill Donohue…Nice job NBC. Donohue is a poster child for bigotry -- and the Today Show just gave his hatred added credibility.”

That’s right, the homophobic, jew-hating and racist, anti-everything, William Donohue spent a little time chatting with the morning show people. It seems NBS’s Today Show followed MSNBC’s lead and brought their own little whack job in for a little chat.

The problem in both cases is this: giving these sociopaths a platform in mainstream, yet again, only empowers them, their anti-social behavior and even more unstable followers. For a cheap, quick buck and spike in ratings, major media outlets help seed the destruction of our way of life on Nielsen point at a time.

Not cool.

And, all this is on top of putting loser Joe Scarborough in the old Don Imus morning slot which for the life of me I can’t figure out. His rating are as also low as can be – despite the lead in my wonder boy, Keith Olbermann gives him – and he can’t maintain, at all. Not even with all the seedy, Hollywood crap he spews not with scorn like Olbermann, but as serious news like his ilk Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto do.

Keep telling yourself you’re owned by either side, Joe! I guess if you say it long enough maybe someone might believe you.

Tucker Carlson’s ratings are nearly as bad as CNN’s Glenn Beck’s. Joe & Chrissie’s are circling the white porcelain figures as well.

What part about this country moving back to towards the left, progressive side of itself – the side of this country which made a global name for all of us – do you producers and heads of news and entertain not understand?

Bill O'Reilly is spitting flames because NBC “news” is telling and showing the truth about Iraq (and his ratings are falling in the categories that matter most). Keith Olbermann’s rating are through the roof. What part of this trend can’t you get across your thick, creative-less heads? It certainly is not that people want to see more, hear more and be forced suffer through more “conservative” or even Rethuglican air time (Joey in for Imus?).

I’m just tingling with anticipation wondering what’s next NBC & MSNBC. Michael Weiner Savage giving his own segment to counter ABC’s Beck slot on Good Morning America?

Wake up and smell the direction this country is going in guys. You’re exiting on the on ramp!

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