Elizabeth Edwards smacks down rodent Matt Drudge

Here's the quote in response to yet another bullshit story from the slime ball which claimed her duaghter supported Hillary Clinton over he father, John Edwards:

"It was Emma Claire, who pointed to a Hillary pin slyly and then, smiling pointed to her father. A nine-year [old] sense of humor -- you would have thought Matt Drudge would have been able to pick up on that."
Shout out to TPM Cafe for the original story:
"Elizabeth Edwards has blasted and mocked Matt Drudge for picking on the Edwards' nine-year-old daughter -- and Ms. Edwards even suggested Drudge has the intelligence and sophistication of a child, Election Central can reveal!

Her comment came in response to a Drudge Item quoting a local newspaper account that suggested that the Edwards' nine-year-old child supported Hillary, not her father.

Election Central has learned that Elizabeth put a comment in the comments section of another Web site's post debunking the Drudge item."

(I refuse to link to that pig's site, so I removed the Drudge link originally in the quote from TPM).

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I have permission to use this picture. The artist gave everyone permission during the 2004 elections. I actually turned it into a 4' x 6' banner and flew it from a flag pole (at the Gay & Lesbian store I was working at at the time) for the Republican National Convention here in NY. The artist, who was marching up 8th avenue during the big protest saw it, loved it! He eventually gave me a signed print (lithograph I think)!

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